Has it ever bothered you when you see all that perfectly good drinking water go down the drain while you're waiting for the "hot" water to get hot? Well, we've invented a  device that can help you put that water to good use.  We call it the "Perfectly Good Water Saver" or "PGWS."

Our water saving device is installed under a sink or installed in the shower/bath plumbing.  The cold water, that comes before the "hot" arrives, is diverted to wherever you want.   For instance, it can be run directly into your garden or placed back into the water holding tank on an RV. 

Once the water reaches 100 F, the PGWS then lets the water flow normally out the faucet.

Each PGWS comes with a one-year warranty. 

If any problems occur, the PGWS will be replaced, unconditionally. 

Product lifetime is expected to be at least 10 years.


Each PGWS purchaser will get $10 back for each new, buying, customer you send to us ... indefinitely!  So, the potential is there, not only to eventually recover your own purchase price, but to actually make a profit! 


Before ordering, please ask yourself:

1. Do I have to run my water at least 30 seconds before it becomes hot?

2. Is my hot water heater set to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit?

3. Do I have a good use for the water I save?

4. Will I need a storage tank or can I use the water directly on my garden / water trough?